about me


My name is Lexy and my passion is animals, my greatest joy for all of my life has been caring for them because they represent 'Pure Love'.

It is an honour to be considered to care for and groom your beloved furry family members. I look forward to a long, lasting connection with yourself and your fur babies!

As a pet parent for all of my life, I have had the same concerns as you, so I understand what you go through and what you are expecting.

My A-HA moment came with the difficulty I encountered when seeking care for my 20 year old cat over the years while travelling for work or going on a holiday. This led me into the pet care profession for I realized I wanted to ease other pet parents of the same worries and issues.

Pet sitting, dog walking, house sitting, over night pet care, dog bathing, doggy daycare attendant — all have thoroughly 'Groomed Me' to become the Pet Grooming Stylist I am today!

My passion for grooming and taking care of kitty fur babies is exactly where I should be! I can honestly say I absolutely Love what I do! It feels right and my experience with endless fur babies and their parents have shown me I am exactly where I should be.

I want to help ease the anxiety and help subside the huge concerns and stress everyone has of finding 'The Right Fit' for caring and grooming your furry family members.

Looking forward to building long and lasting connections by helping you maintain the health and wellness of your furry loved ones, providing you the peace of mind you are looking for as a pet parent!